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Get involved! Play an active role in furthering waste diversion and recycling in Colorado and beyond.

Membership Levels

This is a list of CAFR partner levels. Contact Laurie Johnson for more information.

View the associated partner level benefits (PDF).

Capstone Partner - $12,000

Our Capstone Partners are CAFR anchor partners who invest substantially in the health and longevity of the organization. These partners ensure that all we do is a success from small programs to our largest signature events.

Cornerstone Partner - $8,000

Our Cornerstone Partners are CAFR partners who go the next step in investing in the organization. These partners provide a high level of financial support for CAFR programs and events.

Supporting Partner - $4,000

Our Supporting Partners are CAFR partners who understand the importance of supporting CAFR by contributing financially to the success of our two signature events each year.

Business Partner - $2,000

Our Business Partners are CAFR partners who want to support CAFR by participating beyond an individual level. These partners understand the important role businesses play in the success of CAFR.

Community Partner - $325

Our Community Partners are CAFR partners that share in being organizations of public or non-profit service.

Individual Business/Organization Partner - $125

Our Individual Partners are people who see the importance of being part of the CAFR community whether they are part of a private or public entity or simply an individual that wants to contribute.

Citizen Member - $25

Citizen Members are members of the community at large who understand the importance of recycling and the responsible management of resources in the state of Colorado. These members want to support CAFR’s mission and be kept up to date on important recycling and materials issues that affect their lives in Colorado. Citizen members receive the CAFR newsletter, can access volunteer opportunities and are able to take advantage of attending CAFR events at member rates.

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