Council Participation

To participate in councils and receive e-mail invites and updates you must:

  • Be a CAFR member
  • Additional fees apply to be an offical member of the Colorado Composting Council. Participation as a supporter is free.

CAFR Councils

Members have the option of participating in CAFR’s councils. Each council focuses on a distinct aspect of recycling in the state. Councils bring together parties working with similar interests to achieve educational, legislative or market development objectives.

Colorado Composting Council (COCC)

The Colorado Composting Council promotes sustainable utilization of organic resources in the communities we serve. We focus on the professional production of quality organic products, developing markets for those products and educating our customers in their proper use and application. More...

Colorado Springs Council

This regional council is a group of organizations who are willing to work together to increase recycling in Colorado Springs. For more information contact Laurie Johnson.