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Savannah Betkowski

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Trash and Waste Management Around the World - What Happens at the Household Level

November 15, 2017
11:30 AM - 12:45 PM

An expert in the field of solid waste industry economic research will discuss how people around the world manage their waste and recycled materials

Presenters: Lisa A. Skumatz, PhD, Economic Research Associates, Inc.

Topic Subject Matter: Trash and Waste Management Around the World

Technical Complexity: Moderate

Presenter Biographies

Dr. Skumatz is an economist and Principal of SERA, Inc. She has a nationwide reputation in integrated planning, program evaluation, rates and revenue options, economic and policy analysis, and scenario analysis/forecasting for solid waste agencies. Her interests include both quantitative and policy issues and focuses on how facilities and programs work in the real world. She maintains SERA's comprehensive in-house database of programs, policies, costs, performance, and other data from more than 1,300 communities across the US, all 9000+ PAYT communities in the US, single stream MRFs, and solid waste initiatives and programs in all 50 states and internationally.

Dr. Skumatz has taught solid waste integrated planning and evaluation workshops in California, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, the UK and elsewhere. She is a on the Board of numerous organizations (including the National Recycling Coalition) and has won two nationwide awards for Lifetime Achievement for her work - from the NRC and from SWANA.


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