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Product Stewardship Institute

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Outreach + Education Strategies to Improve Battery, Thermostat, and Phone Book Stewardship

October 12, 2017
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM MT

Join our expert speakers to learn outreach and education strategies that help increase recycling and decrease waste.

From print media (such as flyers and brochures) to web-based media (such as social platforms, video, and infographics), outreach and education has proven effective at increasing battery and thermostat collection and reducing the number of phone books delivered to residents' doorsteps.

On this free webinar, industry and government speakers will share proven ways to reach and educate residents, tips for using social media, and strategies to have your programs promoted by local newspapers. Speakers will also discuss how to best alter your message to reach different target audiences, and provide templates to easily customize to promote collection and source reduction programs in your area.

Register today to develop a knock-out outreach strategy that works.