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The APR Design Guide & The How 2 Recycle Label: A Partnership to Expand and Improve Plastics Recycling

September 19, 2017

How2Recycle is a consumer based standardized labeling system that provides specific instructions to consumers, directly on packaging, regarding whether or not a container is recyclable, not yet recyclable, or if the consumer should check if their local collection programs accept the material.

Each How2Recycle&trade; label is based on the most current recyclability data available, as well as critical technical insights from Association of Plastic Recyclers and the <a href="http://plasticsrecycling.org/apr-design-guide/apr-design-guide-home">APR Design Guide for Plastics Recyclability</a>. This webinar will provide an overview outlining how brand companies can acquire the label for their products, how the program defines recyclable, and how APR and The How2Recycle&trade; are working together to expand the effort to include more products into this valuable consumer education labeling system.

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