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PaintCare Community Meeting - Larimer County

November 14, 2018
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM

This is a community meeting to discuss PaintCare and how it is working in Larimer County. Please join us if you are in this location. Topics will include drop off sites, communications, and success in achieving PaintCare program goals.

In 2015, Colorado passed legislation to create a standard process for recycling paint and to involves the paint industry through PaintCare to help be part of the solution. The legislation that passed has been successful at removing paint from our landfills, recycling it, working with local recyclers, and offering paint to consumers at low cost, and saving local governments money. PaintCare wants to let you know about the success of the program, where drop-off sites are in your community, how PaintCare is are making your community aware of paint disposal options, and how PaintCare has achieved the goals in the 2015 legislation. Local city council representatives, administrative staff and solid waste disposal and recycling staff are invited to participate.

Larimer County: Horsetooth Area Information Center- Mountain Lion Room, 4200 W County Rd 38E, Fort Collins, CO 80526. Front desk staff can be reached at (970) 498-5610.