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Zero Waste Education Video Production

Request for Proposal
Zero Waste Education Video Production
Budget: $5,000
Responses due: March 9, 2018

Project Overview
The video described below is part of a larger project to help members of a community understand the reason for a Zero Waste “Green Star Community” and their role in helping the vision succeed.

Zero Waste, a concept Eco-Cycle has been educating all sectors of the community on for the last twenty years, is about redesigning our systems to use resources more efficiently and without the use or production of toxins. All products are designed to be reused, recycled or composted at the end of their useful lives,returning resources into the production cycle, virtually eliminating the need for landfills and incinerators and significantly reducing our impact on natural resources and our climate.

Zero Waste is one of the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective ways a community can reduce its climate impact. It is also the best strategy for reducing our collective impact on our finite resources on our one planet. Eco-Cycle’s work is to “build Zero Waste communities,” in an effort to realize the benefits of Zero Waste and take this solution as far and as fast as we possibly can. We create Zero Waste communities by working with every sector—businesses, residents, government, public events, and schools—to work together to create and engage in new systems.

Eco-Cycle has received a grant from the U.S. EPA to create a model Zero Waste “Green Star
Community” in Lyons, Colorado. One element of this grant is to create a video to help the Lyons community understand the opportunities of Zero Waste and the role each community member will play in making Lyons a “Green Star” community.

Scope of Work
Contractor Requirements
The contractor will:

  • Meet with the Eco-Cycle team at the outset of the project to discuss creative strategy, logistics, and desired outcomes.
  • Review the script and storyboard written by Eco-Cycle (writing the script and storyboard is NOT part of this SOW) and create a production schedule
  • Manage on-camera interviews, narration, music, on-screen text, and/or animation
  • Film and edit video for a final length of approximately 3 minutes
  • Provide at least 3 revisions based on feedback from the Eco-Cycle team
  • Utilize other branding elements created by the Eco-Cycle Team for this particular project

The contractor will deliver the following to the Eco-Cycle team:

  • All final video files in HD
  • Proof of appropriate licensing for all music and images used in the video

Budget: $5,000
The EPA Grant has allowed for $5,000 for the production of a video. Because this project is grant funded, there is no room for a negotiated price for the project.

Zero Waste Education Video Scope of Work and Proposal Requirements April 2018
Eco-Cycle will:

  • Create the storyboard and script for the video
  • Meet with the contractor at the outset of the project to discuss creative strategy, logistics, and desired outcomes
  • Identify and facilitate interviews with community members, etc.
  • Provide high resolution versions of any brand graphic elements, as needed
  • Provide background information and materials as needed

Proposal Requirements
All proposals must include the following information:

  1. Cover letter, including contact name, address, phone number, and email
  2. Resume and portfolio
  3. Description of similar projects completed
  4. Description of the background/experience of all staff who will be working on the project
  5. Itemized list of cost and timeline for conducting work as outlined
  6. Three references for similar projects, with contact names and phone numbers. References must be able to comment on the performance of the videographer, as well as on the performance of the vendor as a whole.

Insurance Requirements
Videographers must carry their own insurance.

Responses should be sent to: Randy Moorman at randy@ecocycle.org by March 9, 2018.

This entry was posted on Thursday, February 8th, 2018.