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Meet the candidates for the CAFR Board of Directors

CAFR’s Nominating Committee is tasked with assembling a slate of candidates for the Board of Directors election. While developing the slate of candidates the nominating committee ensures that the diversity of membership categories and geography of CAFR’s membership is represented. We encourage all members to get involved and vote and make sure your organization and region are well-represented in CAFR’s activities and that CAFR helps meet your needs.

In November, eligible CAFR members will elect five (5) candidates to serve on the Board of Directors for a three-year term (2018-2020). Questions about the slate of candidates or the selection process can be directed to Beth Lenz or Cliff Henry, Nominating Committee members.

We are pleased to present the slate of candidates for your consideration. The Nominating Committee is confident that the following candidates have the time, ability and inclination to serve on the Board of Directors. Each candidate has signed the CAFR Board Letter of Commitment, acknowledging their desire and ability to serve.



Meet the Candidates

Geoff DavisGeoff Davis
Gone for Good

Geoff Davis is the Operations Manager for Gone for Good. Gone For Good is a full-service eco-friendly hauler, and rather than simply discarding your “junk,” they find a way to put it to good use. Geoff keeps the materials that aren’t sold in the thrift store, or donated to local charities, out of the landfill by finding creative recycling options.

Geoff has been an active member with CAFR for over four years and is deeply committed to the organization’s vision and mission. He is an active member of the Education and Outreach and Membership committees. Geoff has been an honorary board member for the last few years and became an active board member in March of 2017. Geoff offers a unique perspective to the board having worked in both the recycling and the nonprofit sector.

Outside of work, Geoff enjoys spending time with his wife and children, hiking, and furthering his education at Front Range Community College.

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Brandy DietzBrandy Dietz
Colorado Industrial Recycling
Colorado Springs

Brandy Dietz is the general manager for Colorado Industrial Recycling, a family-owned and operated metal recycling facility in Colorado Springs, and has been on the board of directors of the Colorado Association for Recycling since 2015. She assisted her company in attaining Gold Level membership status with CDPHE’s Environmental Leadership Program in 2012, which has been one of her more gratifying moments, and she continues to maintain this status today.  Cultivating her passion for the environment and philanthropic zeal, Brandy has spent most of the last decade trying to increase waste diversion rates of many local companies.  Her most current endeavors include championing an active Colorado Springs Chapter of the Colorado Association for Recycling, and she would be honored to serve a second term on CAFR’s Board of Directors.

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Mark DigginsMark Diggins
MillerCoors – Rocky Mountain Bottle Company

Within five years of becoming the recycling technician overseeing the recycling operation at MillerCoors – Rocky Mountain Bottle Company, Mark turned a successful operation into one that is making a huge impact for glass recycling across Colorado. Recycling content is now at 37% from a mere 20% average before. The expectation is to take post-consumer glass recycling in new glass bottles even higher. It has been a commitment to understand recycling in Colorado and maintain a close relationship with vendors to achieve success. Mark is constantly looking for solutions to improve recycling in this State.

Mark is a Colorado native and at the age of 19 he started work at the Adolph Coors Company glass plant and now has over 38 years of experience and knowledge in glass manufacturing and recycling. He earned a double bachelor degree in Art and Humanities from Regis University and a Associates Degree of Applied Science in Visual Communications from the Art institute of Colorado—graduating Magna Cum Laude, winning best portfolio and the outstanding achievement award.

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Mark HoblitzellMark Hoblitzell
Town of Vail

Mark Hoblitzell is the Environmental Sustainability Coordinator for the Town of Vail. Before joining the town, Mark worked for Vail Resorts and the US Forest Service. He earned a B.S in recreation resource management and an M.B.A from West Virginia University. In his current roll with the Town of Vail, Mark is involved in the management of multiple sustainability program areas: waste diversion and recycling, energy efficiency, special events and economic development, transportation, education and communication, and ecosystem health. Mark’s work in waste diversion includes improving compliance and recycling rates through the towns PAYT program, managing annual waste collection and cleanup events, and leading educational presentations in schools and at community events. Additionally, Mark was instrumental in the development and implementation of Vail’s “Kick the Bag Habit” program which included a ban on single-use plastic bags and a fee on paper bags in the town’s grocery stores. This program has resulted in a 90% reduction single-use bags. In his free time, Mark enjoys mountain biking, skiing, and the Colorado outdoors.

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Barrett JensenBarrett Jensen
Mesa County Solid Waste
Grand Junction

Barrett Jensen is the current Solid Waste Director for the Mesa County Solid Management Division in Grand Junction. Mesa County Solid Waste Management offers services including the landfill and four transfer stations, a green waste composting facility, a year-round hazardous and electronic waste collection facility, a drop off recycling center, a recreational riverfront corridor, and a public outreach/education program. Jensen began his career in solid waste after leaving the Marine Corps in 2012. Since then, Jensen has worked in every capacity within a landfill setting. Jensen holds a Bachelor’s in Public Administration/Public Safety, has a Manager of Landfill Operations Certification, and is currently finishing his Master’s in Public Administration. Jensen endeavors to provide for greater representation for Colorado as a whole while being on the Board for the Colorado Association for Recycling. Jensen believes regional and local needs vary throughout the state, and the challenges we all face can be far more efficiently solved with full participation and representation.

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Megan LaneMegan Lane
City and County of Denver

Megan is currently the Treasurer for the Colorado Association for Recycling and has served on the board of directors since January 2015. In addition to serving on CAFR’s Executive Committee, Megan has overseen the hiring and onboarding of two executive directors, played an instrumental role in CAFR’s 2017 strategic planning process, and worked with the Membership Committee to plan and host events to bring CAFR’s members together, such as the Young at Heart Summit gatherings, non-recycling business webinar, and the content specific happy hours.

Megan is a recycling program administrator for the City and County of Denver and is responsible for managing Denver’s hauler licensing program, municipal facility waste recovery programs, and developing and implementing community outreach programs. Formerly, Megan served as a consultant for a recycling consultancy and was also the Sustainability Coordinator for Denver Arts & Venues.

Megan would like to continue serving on the board of directors to move CAFR’s new vision and strategic plan forward.

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David MoravekDavid Moravek
Microchip Technology
Colorado Springs

David Moravek currently works for Microchip Technology in Colorado Springs as the Facilities Site Manager and Security Manager for the past 12 years. David has been on the steering committee for the ISO 14001 program at Microchip which is the Environmental Management standard. Our company goal is to make measurable improvements in all of the environmental aspects of our manufacturing activities and products. David has been managing all recycling waste streams at Microchip in Colorado Springs for the past 2 years. David has also been a Forest Firefighter for the past 23 years and is currently the Fire Chief for the El Paso County Wildland Fire Crew.

David is a member of CAFR’s Colorado Springs Council and also brought Microchip to the table this year as an Annual Meeting sponsor. David provides meeting space for the council and offers his expertise in materials recovery and facilities management to other CAFR members. David is personally dedicated to increasing recycling and finding new ways to reuse and repurpose materials.

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This entry was posted on Monday, October 2nd, 2017.