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Meet the candidates for the Board of Directors

The Nominating Committee for the Colorado Association for Recycling is responsible for compiling a list of potential candidates to serve on the Board of Directors. Names that are added to this list come from Board members, staff and members of the organization, as well as a call for nominations to all members that was released in July. The committee ranks each candidate based on qualifications, sector represented, geographic location and ability to contribute the necessary time to be a productive board member. The following slate of candidates was approved by the Board of Directors, and the candidates attended the Annual Meeting September 11 to be introduced to the membership. The candidates are presented again below for your consideration.


In October, eligible CAFR members will elect five (5) candidates to serve on the Board of Directors for a three-year term (2019-2021). Questions about the slate of candidates or the vetting process can be directed to Nominating Committee members Juri Freeman or Mark Hoblitzell.

We encourage all eligible CAFR members to VOTE; this is your chance to ensure that your organization and region are well represented. The Nominating Committee is confident that the candidates have the necessary skills, time and inclination to serve on the Board of Directors. Each candidate has signed the CAFR Board Letter of Commitment, acknowledging their desire and ability to serve.



Meet the Candidates

Alicia ArchibaldAlicia Archibald
Bestway Disposal
Colorado Springs

Alicia Archibald, Transfer Station General Manager at Bestway Disposal, helps businesses and individuals identify the most effective and affordable means to manage their waste to landfill by providing training to employees and individuals about purchasing, recycling and compost options. She also provides outreach to schools and various community organizations (as requested), as well as tours at Bestway’s MRF (material recovery facility). She has worked on zero-waste efforts and community building in the Colorado Springs area for 20 years and has worked at Bestway for the past seven years.

Alicia brings a wealth of experience to the Colorado Association For Recycling. She has served on the Board of Directors in the past and has been active in the organization for well over 10 years. Her areas of expertise include electronics recycling, single-stream collection and separation strategies, and years of campaigning for stronger landfill diversion policies throughout the southern Colorado region.

When not digging through trash, Alicia is a skilled musician – singer/guitarist and enjoys getting her hands dirty with her side job of teaching the value of plants as they relate to indoor air quality. She does this by teaching how to create fun terrariums with herbs, succulents and a variety of other plants as “The Plant Lady.”

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Tim DaileyTim Dailey
Waste-Not Recycling

Tim Dailey has served on the Board of Directors for CAFR for three years and served on the Executive Committee for two of those, as both secretary and vice president. He was on the search and hiring committee for both Executive Director hires during his tenure. His work experience includes 18 years in plastic manufacturing and recycling, with a focus on extruding, injection molding and materials management. His plastic processing expertise includes high-density polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (PP), Polystyrene (PS), PVC and LDPE. Tim attended school at the University of Colorado. His hobbies include camping, traveling and coaching youth baseball.

“Working with this organization, and seeing it take the positive turns it has after the hiring of Laurie Johnson, has been extremely rewarding. I believe there is more work to be done and look forward to continuing to serve this membership and community.”

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Jonathan GreenspanJonathan Greenspan
C.A.N. Citizen Action Network

Jonathan Greenspan “Greeny” is a strategic leader with a proven record of solid waste and recycling. He has been leading effective cross-functional business teams, driving change initiatives and implementing waste and recycling strategies. Jonathan is a proficient problem solver with the analytical skills to evaluate risks and business strategies. He has a deep understanding of environmental issues, resource recovery, landfill diversion, zero waste and the value of ecotourism. His strengths include developing cost-effective programs that align with business goals and implementing sustainable cultural and organizational change through creating partnerships and buy in.

Greeny lives and works in Telluride Co and very much understands rural and resort waste streams and how they affect the communities. He is a member of the Telluride ecology commission and was the chair of the Green Team of the Mtn Village. Recently he is part of a team that formed C.A.N (citizen action network) that implements the communities zero waste goals. He is a member of the U.S. Composting council and is zero waste certified. He has been an elected official and government employee, ran a non profit related to resource recovery and is a business person. Recently, C.A.N. got the two towns to pass a single use plastics ban (The
Final Straw) in the two towns which are the first towns in Colorado to do so. With a name like Greeny he has to be dedicated.

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Charles KamenidesCharles Kamenides
City of Longmont

Charles Kamenides is the Waste Services Manager for the City of Longmont Public Works and Natural Resources Department. In this role, Charles is responsible for the City-operated refuse collections service, the City’s Waste Diversion Center, outreach and education, program development and overall program management. Charles is a member of the Solid Waste Association of North America, Colorado Association for Recycling and currently chairs the Boulder County Resource Conservation Advisory Board, a 21-member group of municipal, private haulers and non-profit stakeholders who advise the Board of County Commissioners on major waste diversion policies and strategies in Boulder County.

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Caroline MitchellCaroline Mitchell
City of Fort Collins
Fort Collins

I am a Colorado native who grew up in Fort Collins and I have a BA in Biology. I’ve worked for the City of Fort Collins for the past seven years and worked for non-profit recycling organizations for eight years prior.

My work includes developing policy projects to significantly expand recycling in Fort Collins, working directly with the multi-family and business sectors to start and improve programs, conducting lots of education and outreach, as well as being in charge of the waste and recycling data for Fort Collins. In previous positions, my work included coordinating a community’s migration to single-stream recycling, volunteer coordination and zero-waste event planning.

I have been on the CAFR board for the past three years, during which I supported the organization in selecting our Executive Directors, updating the vision / mission / values, strategic plan and soon the updated name of the organization. With the move to more specified board roles, I have served as the Communications Director in 2018, working with the amazing staff to create our quarterly newsletters.

The past three years have been a turbulent and exciting time in the organization’s history, and I’ve been grateful to be part of shaping CAFR’s future. We are on a wonderful path and I look forward to supporting our continued growth in the coming three years.

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Brandy MoeBrandy Moe
Momentum Recycling

As the Sourcing Manager for Momentum Recycling, Brandy works with companies of all sizes to find recycling solutions for their glass waste. She has worked in a variety of fields in her career including alternative fuels development and environmental compliance for energy companies, and she was responsible for voluntarily setting up recycling programs at almost all of them. Brandy was a licensed social worker earlier in her career, working in early childhood education and women’s issues. She earned a Master of Applied Science in Environmental Policy and Management from the University of Denver as well as a Bachelor of Science in Social Work from the University of North Dakota.

Brandy enjoys volunteering her time in her community and recently received the Keep Denver Beautiful Award for Outstanding Community Service. She became a Denver Master Composter in 2010 and has been the Ruby Hill Community Garden leader for the past six years. Brandy has held a leadership role within the Ruby Hill Neighborhood Association for several years and has served on numerous neighborhood committees. Currently she is involved in several CAFR working groups including the Glass Recycling Pilot Project, the Ordinance Action Group, the Material Exchange Platform Project and the End Market Action Group. Brandy will bring the same passion, dedication and positive attitude that she approaches her career and volunteer work with to the CAFR Board of Directors.

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David MoravekDavid Moravek
Microchip Technology
Colorado Springs

David Moravek is the facilities and security manager for Microchip Technology in Colorado Springs, a 700,000 square foot facility. David leads his site’s sustainability team and is a member of the steering committee of the ISO 140001 management group. He joined CAFR three years ago and has been working as an Honorary Board Member for the past year. David is on the Membership Committee for CAFR and has been a key member on the Colorado Springs Council, working on the cardboard working group and meeting with city officials and key business leaders in the community. He brings a big-business prospective to the Board and to the membership. David’s goal is to drive more membership to the organization to help CAFR become more influential in the recycling community. David has been protecting Colorado as an active forest firefighter and been the fire chief for the El Paso County Wildland Fire Crew. In his 25 years of firefighting he has worked all the major fires in Colorado including the Hayman Fire, Waldo Canyon Fire, Black Forest Fire and the Highway 117 Fire. He is now committed to protecting the State of Colorado through the efforts of CAFR.

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Neil NobleNeil Noble
Republic Services
Commerce City

I am a soil scientist by education and have worked in the green industry for 40 years. My specialty is green waste composting and developing sustainability plans for golf courses, resorts and sports complexes around the world. My involvement with CAFR began just this year when I stepped in as an interim member of the board for a former colleague. I have particularly enjoyed working with the glass recycling pilot program where we are seeking the best methods to increase glass capture for input into the unique closed glass recycling loop here in Colorado.

In my current role I am a recycling and disposal executive for Republic Services serving Colorado’s large manufacturers. I work closely with environmental health and safety managers to meet or exceed their corporate sustainability and diversion program goals. Many of these EHS managers are seeking to keep abreast of the most current recycling opportunities in Colorado, and I am encouraging them to participate in CAFR at both the member and sponsor levels.

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Lisa SkumatzLisa Skumatz
Skumatz Economic Research Associates

Lisa Skumatz, an economist, heads the Colorado-based research and consulting firm SERA. She has worn many hats in the solid-waste industry – working for non-profits and city solid-waste utilities and as an elected official. Lisa has worked nationally in solid waste for 38 years and in Colorado for 18 years. Lisa analyzes solid waste program/policy performance to identify costs, effectiveness and best practices for cities, counties, states, haulers and recycling businesses. She has been deeply involved in analyzing programs across Colorado, including the State’s latest Integrated Plan, State Market Development report, local comprehensive plans, local hauler RFP processes, PAYT, organics/food programs, drop-offs, metrics, etc. for urban and rural clients across Colorado. Her work (and publications) provides quantitative results to help cities make more informed program/policy decisions.

Lisa cares deeply about the progress of recycling in the State of Colorado and brings national expertise/experience combined with local context/knowledge to help CAFR move recycling forward. During Lisa’s CAFR Board tenure, she has been secretary, treasurer, organized the Annual Meeting, fundraiser, chaired the webinar committee and has provided advice on legislative and committee work based on knowledge of what has been implemented and worked in other cities/states. These last two – training webinars and practical strategies/lessons learned working on program & data committees – are where she hopes to focus on if elected.

Lisa is proud to have won lifetime achievement awards from CAFR, NRC, National SWANA and JSW&T and served on NRC and RM-SWANA Boards.

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This entry was posted on Monday, September 24th, 2018.