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Meet the candidates for the CAFR Board of Directors

CAFR’s Nominating Committee is charged with developing a slate of candidates for the Board of Directors election that represents the diversity of membership categories and geography of Colorado’s recycling, composting, and waste-diversion community.  The diversity represented by the existing directors who will continue to serve in 2016 and the candidates you will be voting for next month is represented in this table. We encourage all members to get involved and make sure your organization and region are well-represented in CAFR’s activities and that CAFR is helping to meet your needs.

The Nominating Committee is confident that the following candidates have the time, energy, and ability to serve CAFR. Each candidate has signed the CAFR Board Letter of Commitment, acknowledging their desire and ability to serve.

In November, eligible CAFR members will elect five (5) candidates to serve on the Board of Directors for a three-year term (2016-2018, ending December 2018). Questions about the slate of candidates or the selection process can be directed to Laurie Batchelder Adams, Nominating Committee Chair.



Meet the Candidates

Lynn CoppedgeLynn Coppedge
City of Lakewood

Lynn Coppedge is a Sustainability Planner with the City of Lakewood. Her primary responsibility is the implementation of the City’s communitywide Sustainability Plan, which includes residential, commercial, and municipal zero waste goals. Lynn also facilitates the Employees’ Committee for a Sustainable Lakewood, which organizes many of the City’s zero waste events, including the annual Sustainability Awards Ceremony and the Employee Picnic. Lynn received her Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability and Bachelor of Science in Planning at Arizona State University where she also received her Master of Urban and Regional Planning degree. She worked with ASU’s Sustainability Solutions Services on multiple waste-related research projects and prior to moving to Colorado, she gained experience in community planning for local Arizona municipalities.

Like many other transplants Lynn has grown to love Colorado and aspires to see it live up to its “green” label and achieve its diversion goals. After work, you can find her on her bicycle, exploring local markets and parks and taking pictures of creative zero waste stations.

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Tim DaileyTim Dailey
Hi-Tec Plastics Recycling

My name is Tim Dailey and I am the General Manager at Hi-Tec Plastics Recycling. We have been around for 5 years now, recycling #2 HDPE, #3 PVC, #4 LDPE, and #5 PP. We recently acquired Peak Plastics, allowing us to expanded from 1 line to 5 lines. I have been a plastics processor for 15 years, my 2nd career after running restaurants the previous 20 years.

After attending the Summit this past June, my eyes were opened to the state of recycling in Colorado, the obstacles to increasing what is recycled, and the challenges we face to support and expand current legislation that bands items from landfills. I believe I can offer a unique perspective to the board, and help work solutions facing Colorado Recycling. Specifically, I want to be involved with finding homes and uses for more of the material we are trying to keep out of landfills. As an association, we should be pushing State agencies to changing their perspective and purchasing patterns to use these materials in everyday applications. I hope to be a part of that process.

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Geoff DavisGeoff Davis
DataSafe of Colorado

Geoff Davis is the General Manager of DataSafe of Colorado. DataSafe is a division of North Metro Community Services (NMCS), providing employment opportunities to persons with developmental disabilities.

Geoff has been at NMCS for over twelve years, and in 2010 Geoff took over as Program Manager for work floor services. Geoff led the charge towards programs that focus on recycling. Geoff recognizes that these programs serve two very significant purposes: they are good for the environment and still provide meaningful employment to individuals with developmental disabilities. In 2014, these programs diverted over one million pounds of materials from the landfill, creating over thirty new jobs.

In his spare time, Geoff enjoys travelling with his wife, reading and volunteering for a nonprofit committee.

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Clifford HenryClifford Henry
Yuma County Landfill

Yuma County Landfill is in the middle of Yuma County. We are a one station landfill with 3 full time employees and 1 part timer. I have worked for Yuma County for twenty years, the last fifteen as supervisor for the landfill. I am a member of the SWANA organization.

My recycling program is steadily growing with the support of my Landfill Board and County Commissioners. We have recycled OCC, newspaper, magazines, metals, tires, and recently started plastics. Currently we have plastics & newspaper drop-offs in Yuma and Wray. Our OCC recycling includes 60 trailers parked at businesses in Yuma, Eckley, Wray, Idalia, Kirk, and Joes. This has saved over 229 tons of just OCC from entering our landfill in 2014.

I feel like it is important for the eastern part of our state and other small communities to have a voice in your organization. Due to uncontrollable circumstances our voices are sometimes not heard. Recycling in rural areas is difficult due to transportation and volume pricing. This is why I feel I could contribute as a member on your board.

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Eric HeyboerEric Heyboer
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Eric has worked for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment for nearly five years as administrator of the Recycling Resources Economic Opportunity Grant Program. Prior to that, he was involved in the development and implementation of Boulder County’s zero waste program for County offices, as well as having dabbled in the operations of the County’s household hazardous waste facility. And prior to that, he was an aspiring professional treehugger working toward his BA in Environmental Studies. Eric served on the CAFR Board from 2012 through 2014,
and in that capacity, worked with the Summit planning committee. Eric believes CAFR plays an important role in helping our members navigate Colorado’s materials management system. Today’s market is challenging, which requires creativity to be successful. He hopes to bring some of that creativity to the Board so that CAFR can help all of its members be successful.

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Shaun LaBarreShaun LaBarre
University of Colorado – School of Law

Shaun LaBarre serves as the Program Manager for the Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment, at the University of Colorado-School of Law. The Getches-Wilkinson Center is one of the nation’s premier environmental law and policy research centers, with programs and initiatives focusing on natural resources, water and public lands issues in Colorado and the West; energy and environmental security in the developing world; electricity regulation and energy policy; climate change law and policy; and native communities and environmental justice.

Prior to joining CU, Shaun worked on issues of recycling/reuse, water conservation, and energy conservation for the Boulder-based, Center for ReSource Conservation. Shaun brings to CAFR significant nonprofit management experience, while having been recognized for his environmental work receiving awards including; the Leadership Initiative Award from the Colorado Green Building Guild, Boulder County Eco-Hero, and Colorado Recycler of the Year from CAFR. In 2015, Shaun was named a BizWest Top 40 und Forty honoree for the Boulder Valley. Shaun holds degrees in Psychology and Environmental Studies, and is currently pursuing an MBA.

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Beth LenzBeth Lenz
Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments
Cañon City

Beth Lenz serves as the Recycling Director and Community Development Coordinator for the Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments. She has been with the organization for 15 years and during that time, Beth has been able to decrease the cost of operations for the Regional Recycling Program (Upper Arkansas Recycling) by 40%. Beth is a SWANA Certified Recycling Systems Manager and has a passion for responsible recycling in rural Colorado.

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Jason LockhartJason Lockhart
Discover Goodwill of Southern and Western Colorado
Colorado Springs

Jason Lockhart is the Salvage and Recycling Specialist for Discover Goodwill of Southern and Western Colorado in Colorado Springs. Since 1998, he has held many roles at Discover Goodwill and been instrumental in developing and growing Discover Goodwill’s recycling and repurposing operations. During his tenure, Jason helped Discover Goodwill reduce waste by 37%. He also negotiated and implemented a partnership between Discover Goodwill and Dell to recycle all noncommercial computers free-of-charge to residents. He created the sorting procedures and baling operations for textiles, cardboard, paper, plastic, and fibers at Discover Goodwill. Jason also developed the procedures to recycle and repurpose glassware. His efforts contributed to more than doubling recycled metal at Discover Goodwill. He looks forward to the opportunity to learn and share ideas with other organizations facing similar challenges, and ultimately make a larger environmental impact throughout the state of Colorado.

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Caroline MitchellCaroline Mitchell
City of Fort Collins
Fort Collins

I am a Colorado native who grew up in Fort Collins and has a BA in Biology. I’ve worked for the City of Fort Collins for the past four years, and worked for non-profit recycling organizations for eight years prior.

My work includes policy projects to significantly expand recycling in Fort Collins, working directly with the multi-family and business sectors to start and improve programs, as well as being in charge of the waste and recycling data for Fort Collins. In previous positions, my work included coordinating a community’s migration to single stream recycling, volunteer coordination, and zero waste event planning.

I am interested in joining the CAFR board of directors as a representative of local government and of Northern Colorado. Benefits that I could bring to the CAFR board include over twelve years of experience in the recycling industry, focusing on outreach, education, and policy; specialized knowledge of challenges and opportunities in the business and multi-family recycling sectors; community outreach, communications, and writing skills. Recycling is my passion—I want to share my enthusiasm and consider having fun to be integral to our important work!

I believe CAFR is essential to the growth of recycling in Colorado. The networking, education, and policy work of CAFR is invaluable. I’m excited to utilize my background from both non-profits and local government, including my experience in event planning and policy development, to be of value to the board and the membership of CAFR.

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Lisa A. Skumatz
Lisa A. Skumatz, Ph.D Principal

Skumatz Economic Research Associates

I have 30+ years of experience in waste diversion, half of that in Colorado. My focus has been to identify strategies / policies that make recycling as effective and cost-effective as possible. I want more recycling in Colorado, and I applaud – and want to encourage — all state actors that make that happen, public and private. CAFR is a critical “connector” and advocate for recycling in the State and I love its coalition nature. My goals are to 1) see CAFR be an even better information source, including new and existing practical research and tools, and latest policy /technology information; 2) help state and local government and private haulers / businesses achieve a continually improving environment for recycling, wherever / however we can; 3) have CAFR be a friendly, inviting organization that recognizes and respects the value, contribution, and roles of all members, and 4) hold useful, high-value networking and conferences for members. I previously served 8+ years on CAFR’s board, and will work hard to achieve these goals. I would much appreciate your vote.

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Tracy TousleyTracy Tousley
Bio Pappel
Colorado Springs

My name is Tracy Tousley; I work as the plant manager for Bio Pappel representing the end-user. I am a new comer to the recycling industry, along with that comes fresh insights and an open mind. I have broad perspective from grass-roots operations to end user. From networking in the State I have gained insight into the key concerns of new recycling program startups, as well as the quality needs of the consumer. I have learned an extensive amount about the carbon foot print and the real need for a better way of encouraging recycling and just how low the recycling rate for the state of Colorado is in comparison to other states. I look forward to the opportunity to help educating and growing recycling. I intend to do my all to as a director and contribute to the success of the organization. As a mother, recycling is not just about the money to be made buying and selling of the commodity, but about the world we leave be behind for our children to inherit.

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Becca WalkinshawBecca Walkinshaw
Gallegos Sanitation
Fort Collins

Becca began her journey in the recycle industry with Gallegos Sanitation in 2007. In 2009 she was promoted to the position of Sustainability Coordinator, to represent GSI’s commitment to Triple Bottom Line business ethics.

At GSI, Becca coordinates recycling programs for business, construction, events, and schools. She assists with marketing/education and frequently presents on all things “recycling”. She works within GSI to formalize their environmental endeavors to support a culture of green-minded, health-conscious employees.

Becca achieved her degree in Sociology and Human Services in 2005 then gained expertise in communications and interpersonal skills as the membership/event coordinator for Pinetop-Lakeside Chamber of Commerce before landing at GSI. In June 2010, Becca completed the Green Building Certificate Program from Colorado State University and received her LEED Green Associate accreditation in March of 2011.

Her participation in organizations that support sustainability through volunteer efforts include the: United States Green Building Council Northern Colorado Branch, City of Fort Collins Climate Wise Advisory Committee, Sustainable Living Association Steering Committee, and Pathways to Family Wellness Support Group.

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Jerry WilliamsJerry Williams
Denver International Airport

For the past 12 years, my position has been with the City & County of Denver, more specifically at Denver International Airport. In addition to monitoring the environmental aspects of DIA’s oil and gas fields, I manage DIA’s dynamic Solid Waste Programs.
Embedded in DIA’s Strategic Plan is the goal of reducing landfilled waste by 10% by the year 2020 (based on a 2012 baseline).

DIA’s recycling program diverts over 1,600 tons of product from the landfill annually. The composting program captures between 150 to 200 tons of organics annually from concessionaires. Our recently implemented food donation program, in partnership with Metro Caring (a local non-profit), has a goal of donating over 86,000 pounds of food annually.

Recycling and the proper stewardship of our natural resources have never been as critical to the survival of our planet as they are today, yet the current economy presents formidable challenges to these obligations. At DIA, we are finding ways to overcome these challenges in creative and economical ways.

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This entry was posted on Sunday, October 11th, 2015.